I shockingly woke up with a dislocated shoulder, had a friend forcefully pop it back in for me, and then it popped back out within 5 minutes. I didn't go to the ER, nor did I make an appointment with a chiropractor or specialist while my arm limply hung from my torso. Instead, I contacted Marlo and she saw me right away. She had a plan to get to the root of the problem to eliminate future injuries, and deeply worked into my muscles to encourage my joint to open. She also guided me through some exercises that will strengthen the joint over time. When asked to articulate my arm the way I normally would, I was surprised that my shoulder was back in place. And it stayed in place! She managed the bone to work it's way back into the socket without me feeling it. I have incredible faith in Marlo's healing hands, and call her the body whisperer. We met one year earlier on her massage table, and have been working through my neck pain + knots that I ignored for 20 years. I grew to know these occasional crippling pains to be my normal and chalked it up as wear + tear. After every visit I walk out amazed that she knew exactly how to tackle my problem area with such efficiency. Marlo is an extremely gifted therapist, puts so much care in what she does, and I trust her more than anyone with body healing. Truly a godsend. - Amy -
minrussoMy C5-C6 was herniated in a rear end 70 mph accident on the motorway in London. I was stationary in my car and took full impact. Those were the days before airbags. I lived in chronic pain for 15 years. I was introduced to Marlo 2 years ago by my Physical Therapist who told me she was “The Best”. She was right. I have had serious sports medical massages for the past 15 years, worldwide and no one has come close to Marlo. Period. She managed my pain so effectively that I no longer needed medication.

After another MRI, I had no choice but to have cervical disc replacement surgery in September 2010. After my surgery my neurosurgeon had in depth conversations with Marlo about what he needed her to do. They worked seamlessly together and I benefited enormously. The herniated disc had gotten worse over the years and compressed the spinal cord to the extent that I had no choice but to have the surgery. New research is starting to show that when the spinal cord is released after this sort of herniation, it rotates and can create havoc with the nerves in C5. I was experiencing another source of pain… My neurosurgeon sent me back to Marlo. After 5 consecutive sessions with Marlo, I was relieved of the acute 8-9/10 pain.

I can not speak highly enough of Marlo. She is an essential addition to my neurosurgeon. They are a team. She’s the best. Period. - Angela R -
I travel a lot and have been massaged in a variety of ways but none come close in terms of therapeutic benefits the way Marlo and her staff do it. I went three times and on the third occasion experienced Marlo herself. So extraordinary is the technique she has devised that I seriously suggested to my wife that we move out west in order to incorporate Marlo into our life. The deep probing and easing of knots and tensions should be prescribed by the medical community in order to maintain health and fitness.

If she can put her technique into a book Id have a copy sent in advance to the therapists we go to back east. She is also, as it happens, fascinating company.

- Daniel G. -
As a bike rider with many centuries (100 mile rides) under my belt I have known true muscular pain and severe cramping at times. Prior to the bike riding, I ran 6 - 10 miles every other day for over 20 years. So I developed many joint problems and muscular knots from years of working out. It is common to get muscular lock-ups in your back particularly a type of constant neck ache that ALL cyclists experience. Now at post 60 years old, Marlo has given me a muscular suppleness and a freedom from muscular pain that I used to have many years ago. I highly recommend her services for all serious athletes.

- Gregg C -
Yesterday I had a massage with Marlo that focused for a whole hour on my upper back and neck. This treatment released tension in this area that has built up over the years. Today, I am amazed at how much mobility I have in my neck and shoulders. Marlo is a master at knowing what to do and how to do it.

- Geoff -
Marlo's work is the result of her extensive knowledge of the human body, along with her devout loving CARE for the needs and well being of her patients. KINDNESS, FRIENDLINESS,SERIOUSNESS, are other attributes that qualify her, which she, in turn, applies during the therapeutic treatments. Because I was a recipient of such, when she treated my knee injury, I highly recommend Marlo's T & S Massage Clinic

- Jilma -
I just had a massage a few days ago and I forget how much Marlo helps me. I play a lot of golf and it's tough on my body. She somehow puts it all back together. Without her work I'm sure I would be limited with my activities.

- Anna F. -
I had been having problems with my hips during my exercise routines and soon enough I couldn't walk more than an hour without my hips giving out. I went to Marlo and she fixed both my hips in one session and I have not had a problem since. That was back in 2010. I refer everyone I know to Marlo because of that great experience.

- Lindsey M. -
Marlo's Massage isn't for wimps or those wanting just a rub-down. This is serious therapeutic massage and Marlo is a talented professional. I needed some serious work on my back and hip and Marlo was a great help.

- Grigor H. -
I can't say enough good things about Marlo's Massage. I recently had a surgical procedure that build up scar tissue in the healing process. It was uncomfortable and it looked like I would need another surgical procedure to fix the problem. That's where Marlo comes into the picture. With her knowledge and experience she was able to work through the scar tissue after several appointments. I will forever be indebted to her and her treatments for helping me avoid another surgery. I highly recommend her and her therapists for any massage therapy you may need. She is professional, caring and very knowledgeable. We're very lucky to have her in the Santa Barbara area.

- Barney M. -
Marlo has a true gift for reading each individual's needs...her intuition along with her extensive knowledge and passion for therapeutic massage makes her practice stand out far beyond other massage therapists in town. I have been going to Marlo for many years, and as an avid runner, depend on her talent & skill to keep me healthy. She is informative with her clients, and shares tips and recommendations on how to remain in good shape. I completely trust her and know that I am in good hands. By far the best massage in SB!

- Dana B. -
Marlo is an essential part of my training regime. Her deep tissue work, technique and knowledge of the body has helped me keep up with training for marathons and ironmans. She keeps tracks of any sports/training related body issues and customizes treatments, explaining her approach so I have an understanding of what's going on. I highly recommend Marlo for athletes who want to take care of their bodies as they achieve their athletic goals.

- Elda R. -
I went to see Marlo after a back injury and her expertise in therapeutic massage helped me to heal and strengthen. This is not massage for the faint of heart (although I'm sure she could go easy)...Marlo has a great understanding of musculature and the work it takes to heal, release, and rid you of pain.

- Anders B. -
Marlo and her massage protegees are ALL the best I have every had -- here or in New York City. They listen to your description of aches and pains, but actually hear more from what they feel as they perform massage for you. From my mother-in-law in her 90's for which a very light lymphatic massage (administered with loving care) counteracted an array of maladies, keeping her walking and functioning beyond her doctor's wildest predictions, to me in my 60's for which a very deep tissue massage removes the knots, and the body's barriers to super difficult workouts, making me feel like I can do ANYTHING, we are eternally grateful to Marlo and Sheena. My advice -- do not think, just call and get an appointment -- it will change your life.

- Patricia K. -
After having experienced so much pain as a result of being in a car accident and then hit by a cyclist years ago (not to mention day to day stress), I am very careful of who works on my body, especially my neck. I need someone who knows the anatomy and has the confidence and intution to show me where I most need work. I have absolute confidence in Marlo. Her work is her passion and she has the knowledge and the intuition to give you exactly the type of massage you need at any particular point in time. This is not a "one size fits all" business.

When you get a massage from Marlo, you take a step toward keeping your body healthy and in alignment so that you can stay pain-free and vibrant. Although working through some trouble areas can be uncomfortable, even painful... it is SO worth it! The results are immediate and lasting. I highly recommend Marlo's Massage!

- Dr. Laura L. Ciel -
This may sound overdramatic, but it isn't - day before yesterday, Marlo saved me from pain and despair. For two months I had been dealing with an increasing, worsening sciatica - I had been working on it...had been to private yoga sessions to deal, to a doctor who put me on massive anti-inflammatories and said if they didn't work we'd get an MRI. I thought I had bone cancer, hip fracture, pulled groin, I thought the worst. Finally, after a night of no sleep because of pain, I crawled out of bed and wondered what the hell to do...and then fortunately thought to call Marlo for help. When she answered the phone, I started crying! She ordered me into her studio immediately. She sized up my situation next to the anatomical chart - by looking at me standing there - and then called it! The treatment was, well, excruciating - because she got exactly into the painful parts that had seized up my whole right side and DID BATTLE with these parts! It was like an exorcism with knuckles and strong hands! Working and shaking out the badness! When she went into one part, I felt another part flare up - which illustrated how right she was about the anatomic connection she'd described. Because Marlo knows her anatomy, she put away all my fears that I had all these terrible diseases. Believe me, when you're that screwed up, your treatment with Marlo is going to feel like you're having an operation with no anesthetic...but DO IT, because...when I walked out of there I was sore in a blessed way, and OUT OF PAIN. That night I slept through the night for the first time in weeks. I could walk without a limp the next day. The day after treatment I took my dog to Shoreline beach and climbed the steps just fine. I went to the opera at the Granada and could sit (3 hours). Marlo's Massage should be renamed Marlo's Magic Miraculous Massage. Believe it! Thank you with all my heart. - Hillary -
For anyone who hasn't been to Marlo's massage, it's impossible to adequately describe what you've been missing. Marlo's massages vastly exceed relaxing and healing; they are absolutely life altering. She and her staff zero-in on the underlying causes of pain and treat the problem at its source for a lasting cure rather than just relieving the symptoms. They also understand each individual's complex musculoskeletal interactions in a way that can identify underlying problems before they turn into serious injuries or chronic pain. In addition to feeling better, I've learned so much about how to make my own body mechanics work for me and perform better while preventing unnecessary discomfort. Marlo's massage is beyond simply feeling better. She improves the way you move, stand, sit, breath and live your life.

- Sean Campos -
I have been receiving massages from Gina for several months now, and she has miraculously relieved me of shoulder pain that had been chronic for almost a year! Fabulous--I am grateful everyday for my pain-free mobility. She has magic fingers and I look forward to future massages for pure enjoyment as well as therapy.

- Leslie -
I have been getting massages for the last 15 years and have never have found someone that has the understanding and mastery of massage like Marlo. Every time we meet I leave her feeling like I have been given a new body. A body that has had the pain and stress of daily life rung out it! She is amazing! If only I made more money so that I could see her more often.

- Thomas Oretsky -
Throughout my career as a professional skier I sustained a few injuries which led me to work with a number of massage therapists; Marlo stands at the top of the list. Not only does Marlo have a great touch, she quickly gained my trust with her positive and mellow bedside demeanor. She helped me to relax and worked through some intense soreness and tightness that was eventually cured. Thanks Marlo!

- Bryon Friedman -
Marlo’s approach to massage is definitely unique and effective. As a musician, I’ve noticed increased range of motion in my hands and upper body, not to mention less fatigue and pain during longer sessions. This in turn translates to greater musical expression and enjoyment. Kind of amazing when you think about it.

- Sean -
Marlo has worked on me for years, and has shepherded me through multiple huge physical events in my life. From Ironman, to Marathons, to bike races. She is an integral part of my 'team' that keeps me "out on the road". She works very well in conjunction with my Chiropracter and other trainers to keep me healthy, and racing!

- Patrick -
Marlo has become an important part of my health maintenance. I came to Marlo several years ago after hitting my head and having my neck seize up. I couldn't turn my head to either side and after several sessions with Marlo I was back to the land of the living! She is knowledgeable and professional, sensitive to individual issues, and one of the kindest people I know. I consider an appointment with Marlo essential to my healthy well-being.

- Janet Longpre -
After searching years for a high quality, deep tissue massage therapist, luckily, Marlo was recommended to me. After enjoying Marlo’s sessions for several years I can confidently say she is the best massage therapist I have ever had! Whether the massage is for overall therapy and relaxation (body and mind maintenance) or more urgently needed to relieve the aches and pains of an active life, Marlo’s knowledge of the body….muscles, joints, tendons, trigger points, etc., combined with her technique, achieves remarkable results. I have had results from 1 or 2 of Marlo’s sessions that were not achieved with visits to physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists or western doctors. Marlo’s professionalism and approach to massage as a critical component of health and healing allows me to unconditionally recommend her to anyone looking for a massage that is a lot more than the typical spa experience.

- Rick Longpre -
I have been a client of Marlo's for over 5 years now. When I first came to her it was for a numb shoulder that was a leftover injury from an old car accident. Sitting in an office chair, hunched over a computer had exacerbated the problem. A gift certificate from a friend lead me to her and following that first appointment I felt a relief I hadn't felt in well over a decade. In about five sessions the problem was completely gone. I have stuck with Marlo over the years to not only keep that shoulder in check but to help me with my marathon training and a subsequent back injury this past year. She is an unbelievably caring, knowledgeable and effective massage therapist.

- Jess -
I am an active 60 year old but lifelong neck and shoulder problems became so painful and restrictive that they were seriously limiting my activities. The four sessions with Marlo have dramatically reduced the pain and increased my mobility. In addition I am getting comments from long time acquaintances like: "Are you taller?", "You look so much more relaxed. " and my favorite from a 40 year friend "You always have looked hunched up and uncomfortable." - not anymore.

- Mark -
I have been athletic most of my life and as I'm getting older, my body is feeling some pain and ailments, my lower back being the biggest problem. For years my back has "gone out" at least once or twice a year. I had tried every kind of physical therapy, chiropractors, other massages(before I started seeing Marlo), etc..... none of them were able to fix the problem. They could alleviate some of the pain but never were able to make it go away. Marlo is simply AMAZING at what she does!! She has been the only one who has been able to relieve all the pain and, in only one or two sessions! I of course see her on a regular monthly basis because I can't live without her massages. She works miracles with her massage.

- Hilary -
Being involved in both spa management and ownership for over 15 years, as well as being a massage therapist myself, I have worked with and employed over 100 therapists in the Santa Barbara area. Marlo's massage is a stand-out for a variety of reasons: the care and professionalism behind her work is incomparable; her massage technique is a different style of anyone I have ever come across; and the effectiveness of her deep tissue/trigger point work is amazing. I look forward to my next massage with Marlo!

- Julie, Santa Barbara Spa Del Mar -
I've had re-occuring shoulder problems that pop up from time to time. I thought "this must be what it's like being 50, " because nothing seemed to help. After 3 sessions with Marlo, I was pain-free. She really took the time to understand what I was doing in my lifestyle (work, exercise, driving, etc) to aggravate it. She was a detective and a gifted massage therapist. I feel blessed to have her in my life.

- Kristina -
All previous massages I had received dealt with temporary relief and relaxation, but Marlo's massage really went deeper and helped me deal with long term pain I had been dealing with.

After hurting my wrists two summers ago, I have consistently had pain in them, and even went to a doctor, where they told me my wrists were sprained and put me in a soft cast. This, however, did not help, and Marlo suggested that she work on my wrists.

She discovered that they were completely jammed, and with just one 60 minute session, I gained relief and flexibility back in my wrists long-term. Now nine months out from my massage, my wrists are still feeling great! Thank you so much, Marlo!!

- Brendan -
Marlo’s work has been a key component to my triathlon training. She has kept my IT band issues in check.

- Michael -
Having been a client of Marlo’s for several years now I still continue to admire, respect and appreciate her hard work, reliability, extensive knowledge of the body and the overall ability to make even the sorest of muscles feel so much better after her body work. I often hear from people how much they like their massage therapist but I always say “but you haven’t tried Marlo” and I can say that with utmost certainty that she is the best. I’ve been to several over the years before meeting Marlo and they do not compare. She caters her work to your specific needs, health or body issues (I fractured my tibia skiing 2 years ago and Marlo helped in that recovery as well) and always has great advice on preventive measures to use for an active lifestyle in conjunction with her massage therapy. Her goal is to keep her clients healthy and happy. She accomplishes this very well. I recommend her HIGHLY to anyone that is in need of a great massage therapist.

- Cherisse -
I thought I had tried everything to help my lower back problems; I spent thousands of dollars on acupuncture, physical therapy and chiropractic work to no avail. I was at a loss until a friend recommended I see Marlo. After about 5 sessions my back pain was significantly decreased, and now by seeing Marlo every month or so my pain has subsided completely. Marlo is knowledgeable, professional and great at what she does, and I highly recommend her to anyone suffering from chronic pain.

- Bianca -
Marlo's massage is serious body work with lasting therapeutic results.

- Ann -
I had knee replacement surgery last year and also some shoulder issues. I see Marlo every week when I am in town. Her massages are the most effective I have ever had. As a result of Marlo's treatments, my walking has improved dramatically and my shoulder pain has subsided. I recommend Marlo unequivocally.

- Jerry -
I have been a client of Marlo’s for over two years. She has helped in particular with tightness in my neck. Marlo’s work is strenuous and deep and I am impressed with the way she focuses on my individual needs. She is an exceptional therapist.

- Mark -
Marlo has changed my posture and body after spending only a few months in treatments. She is professional and knowledgeable in her field and is a pleasure to know. I look forward to our sessions.

- Sandy -
I started getting massages from Marlo about a year ago and the difference is nothing short than miraculous. The neck and shoulder tightness that had built up over the years is now a thing of the past. Whether I had a tight hamstring or rigid ankle, Marlo handled it. No other massage therapist has been able to provide me with the enduring impact that I get from Marlo's work.

- Geoff -
I have been a client of Marlo’s for over three years and am more than satisfied with her services. She is always professional, courteous and hardworking. But perhaps more importantly, Marlo is very thoughtful and communicative so I always end up with the best massage to suit my needs each time I visit. I do not hesitate to recommend her!

- Sarah -
I have known Marlo Tell for several years and am always delighted by her ability to be both organized and efficient without sacrificing any of her wonderful personal warmth and charm. I have also been the recipient, on numerous occasions, of her excellent skills as a massage therapist. She gives a terrific massage, always mindful of any special body issues which may have arisen between our sessions. I would recommend her highly for her skills and her sensitivity.

- Cheryl -


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