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Yoga is so good for you!

September 01, 2010

A few months ago,  I suffered from a pinched nerve caused by my deep scalene muscles putting pressure on the brachial nerve.  I realized in my work, I am constantly looking down, sometimes for hours straight with no break.  Putting constant pressure on my neck muscles strained & pinched them.  Many of my clients suggested chiropractic work and assured me it would help. 

I tried massage, chiropractic work, and even acupuncture.  Nothing fully resolved the issue.  I had a difficult time performing massage and periodically had to take time off to lessen the pain.  This continued for nearly three months.

One of my new therapists practices Bikram yoga regularly and invited me to try one day.  I struggled with the heat and the odor in the room because at that time the room was carpeted (they have since replaced the carpet with cork flooring).  I stuck with it as I immediately felt and recognized the benefit.  After just three Bikram sessions, my pinched nerve completely healed and by continuing yoga regularly, I have not suffered another issue despite working more the last two months.

In addition to my alleviated pinched nerve, my entire body feels more flexible and strong.  I am still enjoying Bikram three to five days a week and am excited to try other modalities of yoga in the future.

I encourage everyone to try some form of yoga to increase their flexibility, strength and vitality.  For more information on yoga, click here.


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