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Stress is a Killer

March 10, 2010

Often, I hear clients expressing how much stress they have. Stress can affect your day to day activities and lifestyle, and may even be putting you at risk.

The chemical reactions in our body caused by stress are very similar to the flight or fight responses that are engrained in us to protect us from danger.  When an animal or a human becomes stressed, chemicals such as adrenaline are released into the body to give us immediate energy to escape from the threat.  When a danger finally passes or the perceived threat is over, your brain initiates a reverse course of action that releases different biochemicals throughout your body.  Attempting to bring you back into harmony, your brain seeks metabolic equilibrium.  This is the state when the tranquilizing and the stimulating chemical forces in your body are in balance.  If either one of the chemicals dominate, the body is left in a state of stress and imbalance.

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Information about stress and your DNA (VIDEO):

Video on Stress


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