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Massage Away Your Winter Coat!

March 25, 2013
Dear Clients,

Spring is here and I’m hearing from many of our clients that they would like to shed their “winter coats” so that they can feel more comfortable in summer clothes. Looking good is great but feeling good by being fit and healthy should be a priority for everyone.

Most people are aware that a massage feels good and can improve your mood. What many people don’t know is that massage can also help you lose weight, strengthen your immunity to sickness and disease as well as improve your overall health and longevity.

Studies show that massage promotes your muscle building ability as well as increases your fitness level, which affects the rate you are able to lose weight. Strong, healthy, supple muscles allow you to exercise more rigorously and in many types of activities which in turn leads to more weight loss and better health.

Some ways massage helps with weight loss are below; all of which I have personally experienced.

  • Since the tissue is being manually rubbed and manipulated, massage improves circulation and the ability for the body to receive and exchange blood and nutrients to the body more successfully. Your body requires nutrients to recover from exercise. More blood flow and nutrients enables your metabolism to work more efficiently. An efficient metabolism is like a fire that is stoked and managed. If you don’t stoke the fire, and keep adding more wood, the fire will become sluggish and smoky. This is a similar to what happens when you receive a massage after a workout. Your internal fire is being “stoked” allowing your body to burn calories at a higher level. Many of my clients comment on how they are really hungry after a session. I usually have snacks on hand in case they need a little pick me up before getting in their car and driving.

  • Massage shortens recovery time in between workouts. Waste byproducts of exercise such as lactic acid and other materials need to be eliminated to shorten the recovery time. With increased circulation, the body is able to quicker rid itself of any waste products, which reduces your recovery time between workouts.

  • Flexibility and range of motion is increased with massage, which allows you to participate in a wider range of physical activity. The more exercises and activities you are able to do, the more you can exercise without burning out or getting bored. Also, massage helps to prevent injuries such as strains and muscle tears or other issues that arise from being stiff or inflexible. I often tell my clients that it is just as important to be flexible, especially as we age, as it is to be cardiovascularly fit or strong. You are only as strong as your weakest link. We also encourage stretching, foam rolling, and yoga to round out their workouts and prevent injuries.

  • Recent studies show that massage can even promote the loss of subcutaneous fat (the fat you can access by touch). Massage can cause the fat cells on the surface to burst which speeds up the time that fat can be eliminated from the body through exercise and a healthy diet.

  • Some of these benefits may have surprised you. Massage is not only relaxing but also helps boost your immunity, decreases stress, increases flexibility and strength, and aids in losing weight.

If you are not on our schedule already, hope to see you, soon!



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