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Drink Water!

January 06, 2009

Many of my clients have expressed they are not drinking enough plain water throughout the day.  Since it’s very important for recovery to drink water before and after serious body work, I usually urge my clients to drink at least one glass before they leave. 

In the past, my clients would drink a few sips to appease me and leave the rest.  Lately, I have been adding oranges and cucumbers to my water and chilling it.  Since doing this, clients are not just finishing their water but asking for second and third glasses!  Many of my clients are also preparing their water at home like this because it tastes so much better.

How to make it:

2 slices of orange and a few slices of peeled cucumber for a pitcher of water and then just chill it for at least a half hour.  You can refill the pitcher a time or two using the same fruit within a day. 


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