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Coconut is Amazing!

August 16, 2009

Last year, I started using extra virgin, organic coconut oil for all of my regular massages.  It is a little more expensive but so much better for the skin.  Also, it is a better heat conductor than most of the sports massage oils so it feels warmer and more smooth during the massage.  I did some research and learned that coconut is also a natural exfoliant and can be used for many common skin problems such as blemishes, rosacea, eczema and as a basic moisturizer for everyday use. 

Since coconut is a Super Food, I often use it to cook in place of butter or oil.  Here are some great everyday uses for coconut…


Hair Conditioning & Shine - Gently massage a moderate amount of oil into your scalp and hair and leave in overnight.  Rinse out in the morning.  You will notice your hair softer and shinier after just one application.

Blemishes, Rosacea, Eczema or Sunburn - Apply a few drops to affected area before bed.  Should be noticeably clearer and soothed in the morning

Natural Exfoliant - Using coconut on your entire body once a week is a great exfoliant without drying out your skin.  Just apply in upward, circular motions.  After the entire body is coated, rinse.

Substitute for Butter or Oil - Use whenever a recipe calls for butter or oil… stir fry, toast, popcorn (client gave me that one!!), cookies and more.

I love natural remedies and products since i know they really are the best for my body.  Since extra virgin coconut oil is a “food,”  i feel really good about using it inside and out! 

For more coconut recipes and cures, visit this link.


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