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March 13, 2014

Dear Clients,

As most of you know, I’ve been off work for a couple months recovering from surgery.  Sheena and Chelsey have seen many of my clients in addition to their own. I’m finally back to work with a temporarily light schedule and couldn’t be happier.

On September 6, I had a cervical discectomy fusion.  If you’re not squeamish, you can watch the surgery here.

Many of you have emailed and inquired if my injury was a result of doing bodywork for so many years.  The simple answer is no.  I’m sure giving massages for 17 years did not help my situation, however my injury was most likely a result of riding and racing motorcycles for a period of more than seven years.

During that time, I only missed two of over 350 weekends of riding.  Through 2005, I worked 5 days a week at my legal job.  In the evenings, I would give one to two massages and would do another 3-5 massages each Saturday while I built my practice.  Sundays were MY riding day, a day just for me and all I did during those 7 years of Sundays was ride my bike.  Sometimes I would ride with family and friends, but as I became more aggressive with the sport, I would often ride alone and would even miss big family holidays and events to be on my bike.

As my obsession grew, so did the risks.  I went from trail riding with family and friends to racing motocross tracks.  I continued taking bigger chances, bigger jumps and even dragging my bike under barbwire fences during the holidays one year when a park I wanted to ride was closed.  I was the only person in the park, riding alone, and without a cell phone.  In hindsight, I was a bit out of control but you could never have told me.

Fast forward, 4 surgeries, a concussion, a dent in my leg (that will never go away after getting run over after going down on a jump), and 7 years later, I’m recuperating at home and have had a lot of time to think.  I’ve had some serious insights, and acknowledge I have been out of balance most of my life.  I’m an extreme person and have lived my life all or nothing up to now.

Having time to think has allowed me to realize that I do not need to work 12-hour days.  In order to bring balance to my life, I will work smarter, not harder.  Since being home, I have spent more time with family, more time getting my home in order and doing projects I’ve been putting off for too many years—cooking, reading, crocheting, sewing, and just enjoying my life more despite recovering from an intensive and serious surgery.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson in all this: balance is vital for happiness and some people, including myself, must learn the hard way.  I’m grateful I learned this lesson.  Now, I have new priorities and I am acquiring healthier interests.

What are you grateful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!


marlo motocross
Seat bumping a jump after 1 of 2 knee surgeries - first time riding after surgery…knee brace and all.

marlo neck surgery
X-ray of my neck post surgery after my cervical discectomy fusion.


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